Chamber of Commerce


#341 Freedom Avenue,Bohemia Plaza

Corozal Free Zone, Corozal District

Belize/Mexico Border ,Tel: 423 – 7363/ 663 – 0881


When was the CFZCC established?

The Corozal Free Zone Chamber of Commerce (CFZCC) was first established under the Business Names Act Chapter 247 Laws of Belize on the 2nd February, 2004. The CFZCC later presented its Articles of Association and Memorandum and was further incorporated under the Companies Act, Chapter 250, Laws on the 18th September, 2007 by a Board of Directors consisting of nine (9) CFZCC registered members.


Why was it established?

The CFZCC was established to protect the rights of the Corozal Free Zone investors and to have rules and regulations to guide investors to become members and to operate as an organization with an official office and staff to plan and execute decisions made collectively at membership meetings by a majority vote.


What are the functions of the CFZCC?

The functions of the CFZCC are to represent the CFZ interest first and foremost and to represent CFZ large and small Companies best interest, create sub committees to solve specific problems. To represent all CFZ company members with equal rights.


What is the present membership count?

The present membership count is 171 companies with one vote each per representative at Board meetings, General Meetings or elections.


What roles does the CFZCC play with the private sector (investors of the CFZCC)?

The CFZCC role is to inform investors by e – mails, telephone calls, circulars etc. of projects, decisions of the Board, discuss any problems affecting the CFZ, have minutes meetings filed, prepare an agenda for meetings etc. The CFZCC also have a role to represent the majority voice of the CFZ investors in the Corozal Free Zone. The CFZCC has 15 Directors that makes decisions collectively and create forum for discussion. The CFZCC also help individual CFZ investors that are members to solve their business problems.


What role does it play with Government?

The CFZCC role with Government is to have (4) Representatives on CFZ Board of Directors and to have an official function under the CFZ Act, 2005 that governs the Corozal Free Zone. Establish meetings with the Prime Minister or any other Minister of Government in order to make proposals to facilitate trade and investments as an organization. The Government can now refer to a private organization to get collective and documented decisions from the CFZCC Board of Directors and membership as a private sector body on any issues that may affect their investments.


What are the independent accomplishments of the CFZCC?

The CFZCC was officially recognized by the Government of Belize in April, 2008 and by other organizations both nationally and internationally. It is the largest organization representing the private sector in the CFZ. The CFZCC has successfully established an office that maintains a full time staff during the past two (2) years. The organization meets on regular basis to discuss and make recommendations to the CFZ Administration on pressing issues that affects its membership.  Peaceful and a democratic election are done to elect four (4) CFZCC Directors, serve as private sector representatives on the CFZ Board of Directors every two (2) years.


What is the vision statement of the CFZCC?

The vision statement of the CFZCC is “to encourage an investment climate in the Corozal Free Zone which is favorable to the economic growth and development of the Free Zone industry and its businesses.”


What does CFZCC motto means?

” United for Progress” means that as a CFZ group of investors we increase our strength as we work towards  common goals to protect and improve our investments and grow our  businesses, jobs, foreign exchange etc. and for the benefit of our CFZ investors and the Country of Belize.


Our future target of CFZCC?

The CFZCC future targets will be to promote the CFZ in Mexico, USA, Guatemala, and other countries, to attract new investments and clientele, build better relations with other Governments and other private sector organizations, increase our membership, target projects that will benefit the CFZ and CFZ members and to increase its revenues and staff to become a more efficient private sector non – profit organization,  to be able to inform the CFZ investors, the Belize Government and  the public of important events and issues by creating better communications with  news media nationally and Internationally.